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Our workshops and retreats cater to those passionate about photography and art, and are designed to educate and inspire those at all skill levels. We guarantee complete satisfaction or your fee is returned to you. Read below just some of the very nice things workshop students have said about us over the past few years.

Thanks Richard Muldoon and Catherine Muldoon once again. Feeling positive about some more changes and confident I can do it over the next few months. Wouldn’t even know where to start without your help and guidance. Thank you.
Michelle Renee Ardle, Brisbane

I’m so happy that Cath and Rich have created The Zone, a venue to provide photographic education and mentoring. I completed a sales mentoring session with them and the information they supplied was invaluable. They gave me advice on in-person sales technique, what products to offer my clients and even the best CRM software to suit me. They have been running a very successful wedding and portrait business for over 20 years so they have learned from their mistakes and have their processes totally refined.
The great thing is, they are willing to share ALL of their processes and then follow up with you to ensure you are making the most from their experience.
If you are struggling to make sales or would like to learn how to increase your average client spend, Cath and Rich have all the info you need.
Cam Attree, Cam Attree Photography

Cath and Rich are amazing and give so much in their workshops.
John de Rooy, North Queensland

“I have done many workshops, the usual kinds that new photographers seek out, like posing, lighting, post production etc. I finally felt like my work was going in a direction that was working for me and my clients, however I was overworked, under paid, had no life and was completely overwhelmed with the business side of my business, and was essentially failing to put into place some real business policies and models to ensure I was going to actually make money doing what I loved and be able to continue doing it for as long as possible.
I attended Richard and Catherine Muldoons Creative Business Workshop to gain some insight into what I could do to ensure my business was actually profitable… Long term.  I left with a wealth of information and actual strategies I could implement immediately. Without even changing my price list or products, I made a $5300 portrait sale the very next day. The only thing I did differently was allowing my client to spend what they wanted to, rather than me telling them what they could buy in a neat bundle. It never occurred to me that I could and have now consistently made sales above my previous average of $500. My average portrait sales have now more than quadrupled, and I owe this to the passion and experience of Richard and Cath who clearly both are dedicated to educating and mentoring photographers who can benefit from their wisdom. Not only did they deliver an informative, entertaining  and productive workshop, they have even kept in touch with several participants after the workshop and given their time knowledge and advice for free, purely because they are so generous and care so deeply about the industry and its future.
The next workshop you need to do for your business is this one. You can’t afford not to. Richard and Cath, this is just the beginning for me, yet in one year I have gone from shoot and burn $500 disc of images, to comfortably selling portraits, collections and thousands of dollars in sales, to landing a 5 figure freelance contract Recently. This has been beyond what I ever thought was possible and I’m now officially converted from the sceptic that said at your workshop “but people won’t pay that in our market”. You showed us it’s possible and you both have proven us wrong. I can’t wait for the next one. Will be there with bells on.””
Michelle Renee Ardle, Talking Point Photography

What an awesome day. Thank you kindly Richard Muldoon & Catherine Muldoon for a fabulously informative day…my head is spinning out if this world now to put it all together and into action 😉
Rina Totorica, North Queensland

Amazing. A fantastic opportunity given by “The Zone” to learn about the art of reading and understanding different light in photography by Rob Heyman. What I have learnt is indescribable. Now to put it all into practice.
Susan-Lily Jacobs

The day spent with Cath & Rich up I’m Malaney was so valuable, I have come away with answers to questions I didn’t even know I had. For those photographers looking at pursuing their craft as a career, this workshop is ideal to get you established and on the right track from the get go.
Craig Stampfli

These guys are GREAT value. They have so much to give.
Charmaine Heyer, North Queensland

I First met Cath and Rich when they presented a workshop in Townsville around July 2016. I was aware of the Vivid name from when I lived in Brisbane and was incredibly excited to hear them present. This was the first workshop I had attended since starting my photography business. The information that I gained from this workshop changed the way I saw my business and also how my business operated.

After the workshop I was fortunate to do a one-on-one session with Richard where he looked over all aspects of my business and made suggestions on ways to improve and a plan of attack for the next few months. By September I had smashed the list he had given me and was starting to see major shifts in my business. I was booking more clients, making more sales and bringing in more money! I also was more confident in my work, brand and myself as a photographer.

I have since had several sessions and conversations where I have worked with Richard on different aspects of my business. One of the things I love about these guys is their passion for helping others. They don’t hold knowledge back. They give you the tools to achieve what it is you want to achieve. The only thing holding you back after a session with Rich and Cath is yourself.

I can’t thank these guys enough for their help, guidance, tools and support over the last 12 months. There have been so many times where I have felt the urge to give up and they have provided motivation and support that has well and truly gone above and beyond what I have ever paid for or expected from them.

My business most certainly wouldn’t be where it is now if I hadn’t have done that first workshop and one on one session with Cath and Rich”
Sarah Jay, Sarah Jay Images

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