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Artwork – Laura Vecmane

Visit The Zone Gallery and Creative Space for a truly unique experience. Set amongst the beautiful rolling green hills of Maleny, The Zone Gallery is the perfect place to visit for those looking to view quality local artwork amongst stunning scenery on the Hinterland Galleries Art Trail.

We feature local fine artists in solo or group exhibitions working in painting, printmaking, sculpture, instillation, and photography.

We have ample on site parking, and wheelchair access.

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The Zone Gallery

Looking Back…. Photo UnRealism – An Open Studios Sunshine Coast Exhibition

When:          Saturday 18th – 26th May 2024
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     TBA

Looking Back ….. Photo UnRealism

You are invited to a special Open Studios Sunshine Coast Exhibition entitled Looking Back….. Photo UnRealism.

During the course of his visual arts masters degree, Richard Muldoon coined the phrase Photo UnRealism to describe the area of arts inquiry he was exploring whilst writing his thesis.

His graduating exhibition by the same name held at the Smith & Stonely Gallery in Newstead, Brisbane, also toured the Grafton Regional Gallery. The major work in this exhibition, Seven Snapshots, was awarded the coveted Churchie Emerging Art Award in 1997.

Now 25 years later, Richard is looking back over the concept of Photo UnRealism, and the way in which his work has always and continues to be concerned with this concept.

This exhibition will feature paintings from over the last 25 years as well as works from Richard’s undergraduate degree over 30 years ago. Also showing will be some works from his school days including his year 12 major work.

For Open Studios Sunshine Coast, this will be an uninhibited expose of Richard’s journey as an artist.

The Zone Gallery


When:          27th July – 11th August 2024
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     Saturday 27th July 6pm

In 2024 Field Notes returns with a second exhibition of works by a select group of Sunshine Coast Hinterland artists. Each artist will present not just new and exciting work, but will also reveal their working progress and conceptual development to support their creative process.

Field Notes was highly successful 2022, and this year will see a new group of artists present the always engaging processes behind their artwork.


More artists to be announced…

Visit the exhibition and enjoy this very special opportunity to experience what is normally unseen and hidden from view.

The Zone Gallery

Hinterland Contemporary Landscape Art Prize

When:          Saturday 12th – 27th October 2024
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     Saturday 12th October 6pm

Total prize-money pool $10,000

Entries invited July 2024

The Hinterland Contemporary Landscape Art Prize is open to artists living and working within Queensland, who would like to engage with the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’s unique landscape.

Open to all mediums, this contemporary art prize will reward thoughtful, technical, and conceptual work, as well as innovative submissions that extend the possibilities of the genre.

Entries accepted from July 1st – closing August 31st 2004.

The exhibition will be hosted by The Zone Gallery in Maleny opening October 12th until 27th 2024.

The Zone Gallery


When:          December 2024
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     TBA

Just in time for Christmas The Zone Gallery will be hosting our Mini Art Fair for 2024.

All local artists, all local artwork, and all works under $1000. Perfect for special Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Past Exhibitions

The Zone Gallery

Hinterland Landscape Art Exhibition

When:         Friday 20th October through to 5th November 2023
Times:          10pm – 3pm
Opening:    Saturday 21st October 6 – 9pm

The Hinterland Landscape Art Exhibition features a selection of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland’s most notable multi discipline artists as they respond to, and are inspired by, the region’s unique Australian landscape.

All works by highly respected artists will be for sale.

In addition to this exhibition, we will also launching the Hinterland Landscape Art Prize for October 2024. Based in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, this new Art Prize will be open to all disciplines and media, and will be asking for expressions of interest from artists depicting the region’s rich and inspiring landscape.

All details for the Hinterland Art Prize will be revealed at the opening of this exhibition.

The Zone Gallery

Jessica Ainsworth – In the Eye of the Beholder

When:         Sunday 25th – Wednesday 28th June
Times:          1pm – 4pm
Opening:   Saturday 24th June 5 – 7pm

“In the Eye of the Beholder’’ is the name and theme of Jessica Ainsworth’s next exhibition and promises to be well worth a visit.
As the name suggests, the judgement of what is beautiful is purely subjective, and so with this in mind Jessica has attempted to convey what one person may find beautiful and another may not.
What beauty actually is, has been the subject of study for many philosophers and academics for millennia, however she wishes to simplify its meaning into ‘what brings pleasure to the observer’. It could be a concrete ‘object’ such as a flower, bird or snake, or more abstract, such as poetry or even pain.
Jessica Ainsworth doesn’t describe herself as a painter just as she does not describe herself as a ‘breather’, because we can all breathe. She thinks that freedom of expression, in all it’s myriad forms, is a sacred right, and dreams of a world where it is gently encouraged and introduced to all at a young age. Jessica is from a long lineage of visual artists, and credits her creative talent to their influences during her formative years. She has lived a life both varied and at times unusual, from being a farmer to a street performer, from an artisan of high quality leather goods to a facilitator of Ka Huna massage. The uniqueness of Jessicas’ art is it’s use of colour, texture and often hidden meanings or metaphor.
The Zone Gallery

Synchronicity – Richard Muldoon & Laura Vecmane

When: 11th – 28th May 2023
Times: 10am – 3pm
Opening: Thursday 11th May – 6-9pm

Visit The Zone Gallery and experience the work of two local Maleny contemporary artists as they discover Synchronicity in their stylistically diverse painting styles. Richard Muldoon and Laura Vecmane explore the idea that there is unity in diversity whilst exploring the concept of interiors and exteriors.

The Zone Gallery

Craic Agus Ceol – Nicky Carey

When:          17th – 30th March 2023
Times:          10am – 3pm
Opening:     Saturday 18th March 2023

After spending time in Ireland capturing Irish musicians as they performed in their local pubs and bars, Irish born artist Nick Carey created a special series of stunning linocut prints based on his sketches, capturing the life and spirit of this Irish tradition. All artwork is for sale.

The Zone Gallery


When:          25 November – 11 December 2022
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     Friday 25th November 2022

FIELD NOTES reveals the unseen creative development of 2D and 3D artworks by seven established Sunshine Coast Hinterland artists.
Completed artworks will be on display and for sale, accompanied with the artists’ visual field notes and resources created and referenced when developing these artworks.
Visit the exhibition and enjoy this very special opportunity to experience what is normally unseen and hidden from view.
Until Sunday 11 December
Open 10am-3pm daily
89 McCarthy Rd, Maleny
just up the road from Maleny Dairies

Arts Connect


When:          10–20 September 2020
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     Thursday 10th September, 5–8pm

Arts Connect are a not for profit organisation with over 100 artist members. During the Queensland lockdown for COVID-19 artists have kept creating, and this exhibition features Arts Connect Member’s work created during or just prior to this period.

Richard Muldoon

Multiple Exposure

When:          26 November–13 December 2020
Times:          10am to 3pm
Opening:     Friday 27th November, 5–8pm

New York and Tokyo, two of the most intense mega cities on the planet, are an assault on the senses. With this series of photography Richard has sought to capture the experience via a visual medium by utilising the traditional photographic technique of in-camera multiple exposure.

Richard Muldoon

Life Theatre

When:          3–19 December 2019
Times:          10am to 4pm
Opening:     Sun 1st December, 4–8pm

For over 12 years Richard has been travelling the globe collecting images with a very strict doctrine: Capture the lives of the world’s ‘actors’ passing through street scenes as though they were on the stage in a theatre.

Life Theatre - and exhibition by Richard Muldoon

Gallery Coming Soon

Richard Muldoon

Death Valley

When:          30 November–15 December 2019
Times:          10am to 4pm
Opening:     Thurs 30th November, 5–8pm

The series of work which one Richard the Australian Institute of Professional Photography Queensland Professional Photographer of the Year.

Gallery Coming Soon

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